09 Mac 2010

Enche Oskar

Harus carik dan tengok DVD ceritera2 yang dicalonkan untuk Oskar:
1) Inglourious Basterds (by Quentin Tarantino...i heart u!!)
2) An Education (tgh download kat ofis..haha,teruk bebenor kamu nih)
3) The Hurt Locker (a low budget movie on Iraq)
4) Precious (I've always love the black movie - opps, sorry. Not sure whether it is politically correct)
5) The Blind Side (just because Sandra Bullock won the Best Leading Actress)
6) Crazy Heart (this movie has the Best Leading Actor)
7) Up (nak tengok lagi, I still watch cartoons and this is a very sweet story, maybe somehow I relate it to my current life with Enche' B)
8) Avatar (ekceli tanak tengok, but this movie won 3 awards. Memang tak best sangat pun. Maybe I am disturbed with images of blue people running around. heh)

Apa lagi movie yang best untuk dinonton?

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