12 April 2010

Tips Berguna (Un)

Bolehlah review tips ni bila dapat Ms Helga nanti...

Artikel dipetik dari website ini: http://www.associatedcontent.com/; diterbitkan pada 21 Sept 2009 oleh Heather Richards. Maka semua kredit adalah kepada pihak penulis, bukan saya. Saya hanya hendak berkongsi sahaja.

10 Tips on Taking Unique Photos with a H0l64 Camera

H0l64 cameras are low tech, inexpensive cameras that have a cult following. The cameras are not digital; they take actual film that the user has to manually advance. The camera's cheap price is a result of less than sturdy construction. The following tips tell you how to embrace these flaws in your photography. The first few tips are related to getting used to your Holga camera, followed by tips on creating unique photos.

Tip #1
Consider your first roll or two of film as trial and error. This will allow you to get used to your Holga camera as each one is unique.

Tip #2
Shop for film that has past its expiration date. It can usually be found at 75% off original price. As part of using a H0l64 camera is experimentation, the expired film just adds to the charm.

Tip #3
Develop a routine in photographing. The H0l64 camera requires you to manually advance the film after each picture. This makes it common to double expose a frame or skip a frame. By always advancing after taking a picture, you avoid both problems.

Tip #4
If you don't want light leaks, you must tape your H0l64. Each camera is unique so you may want to take a test role to see if you like your light leaks. If not, apply tape to seams located on the front above the lens on either side. Also check the seams on each side and the bottom. Gaffers tape is recommended, but can be expensive and difficult to find. First aid tape is an excellent replacement.

Tip #5
Take multiple exposures on purpose. Taking multiple shots on the same frame produces interesting pictures. For example, multiple shots of your child running on the same frame creates a unique portrait.

Tip #6
H0l64 cameras require a lot of bright light for photographs. You will need to use a flash if you are not in bright sunlight. Always try to provide the brightest light for best pictures.

Tip #7
You can add light exposure by holding down the shutter. As the shutter speed is set at 1/100th of a second, the best way to increase the light is to keep the shutter button depressed. As with all H0l64 pictures, the unknown result is part of the charm.

Tip #8
Create panoramic images with your H0l64 camera. This effect is created by taking multiple, slightly overlapping photos. Make sure that you take the pictures from left to right to ensure the overlap is in the right direction.

Tip #9
Each H0l64 camera comes with four focus settings represented by one person, three people, a group of people and a mountain. These are for 3 feet, 9 feet, 18 feet and 30 feet to infinity. Many people are not aware that you can choose a manual setting in between these preset options. As with all things Holga, experiment to see what you like.

Tip #10
The H0l64 camera has a vignette effect where the sides of the photos 'slide off' the edges. Use this to create a halo effect around your subject. Additionally make sure you fill the entire frame so that the colors that fall off form a nice border.

These ten tips will help you get the most out of your H0l64 camera. Take pictures and enjoy the unique results.

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